TV, Film, Stage and Video

Our birds have appeared in numerous film and theatrical roles, including at the Barbican Theatre in London, in photo shoots for English and foreign language magazines and newspapers, and in the music video for Dark Sky’s Silent Fall, which you can watch below. Our birds have also been on live TV and news, including BBC News and Channel Four’s Sunday Brunch. We have a large team of birds, so we can provide anything from eagles, buzzards and hawks to falcons, owls and kites. All of our birds are used to flying to different people and so can be used to fly to or from your actors and our experienced falconers will do everything needed to help you get the perfect shot. We can additionally provide falconry equipment and consultation services to ensure that your portrayal of falconry or birds of prey is as accurate as you want it to be. Our directors are Raptor Awards Accredited Assessors, and fully quailified to teach your actors how to handle and fly birds of prey if needed, and one of them has his own listing on IMDB. Please call us on 0844 911 9453 or use the Contact Us form to enquire about filming or theatrical roles and discuss your specific needs. For an example of our work, see below.

Examples of our work.

We work with production crews to get the shot they are looking for. Our birds have gotten used to studio work as well as live TV shows. For the video above, we brought a team of hawks, all of the same species to ensure that the perfect shot could be acheived without overworking them and spent two days flying two males hawks for the outside scenes and two female hawks for the studio scenes. We were also able (on request) to suggest a location for the countryside scenes, and advise on animal welfare.