Want to see our emails?

Make sure you’re getting the messages you’ve asked for

We’ll only contact you by email if you’ve given your permission. But sometimes emails that you’ve asked for may not make it to your inbox.

If this happens, to make sure you get the emails from us that that you’ve asked for, simply add flyingsquad@hawkonthewildside.co.uk, noreply.hawkonthewildside@gmail.com and hawkonthewildside@gmail.com to your address book.

Email ‘allowed lists’

Your spam filter – whether it’s a program you’ve bought or one that came with your email platform – will have an ‘allowed list’ and a ‘blocked list’ of senders and keywords. So, you can set which type of emails you want to receive and which you don’t.

Emails from addresses, domains or internet providers (IPs) that are in the allowed list will be let through until you remove that sender from the list.

You can usually add an email address to your allowed list by adding it to your address book.

If you have an anti-virus program installed on your computer, such as Norton’s or McAfee, check the instructions for your program to make sure that emails you need to read will appear in your inbox.

How to add an email to your address book

Microsoft Outlook Office 2007
  • In the ‘Tools’ menu, choose ‘Options’.
  • In the ‘Preferences’ tab, under ‘Email’ pick ‘Junk email’.
  • Choose the ‘Safe Senders’ tab.
  • Select ‘Add’.
  • In the ‘Enter an email address or internet domain name to be added to the list’ field, enter the name or address you’d like to add.
  • Choose ‘OK’.
Microsoft Outlook Office 2010
  • Open the email.
  • In the ‘Home’ tab, choose ‘Junk’ and ‘Never Block Sender’ or ‘Never Block Sender’s Domain’.
Microsoft Outlook newer versions
  • Open the email.
  • In the ‘Home’ tab, in the ‘Delete’ group, choose ‘Junk’.
  • Pick ‘Junk email options’.
  • On the ‘Safe Senders’ tab, choose ‘Add’.
  • In the ‘Enter an email address or internet domain name to be added to the list’ field, enter the name or address you’d like to add.
  • Choose ‘OK’.
AOL Mail
  • Choose the ‘Addresses’ tab.
  • Choose the ‘New’ drop down menu and pick ‘New Contact’.
  • In ‘Screen Name’, type in the email address you need to add.
  • Choose ‘Save’.
  • In your inbox, hover over the sender’s name and a contact card will appear.
  • Choose ‘Add to contacts’.
Yahoo! mail
  • Right click the email in your inbox.
  • Choose ‘Add Sender to Contacts’.
  • Click the ‘Gear’ symbol in the top right hand of the screen.
  • select ‘View all Outlook Settings’
  • Select ‘Email’ -> ‘Junk Email’
  • Under Safe Senders and Domains
  • Click ‘Add’
  • Add ‘hawkonthewildside.co.uk’ as a safe domain
  • Add individual gmail emails as safe senders