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If you have a Buy a Gift Voucher, or an Into the Blue Voucher, you will not be able to book online. If you have recently purchased a Groupon, it may not be uploaded to our system yet.

Please check availability online first. It will speed up the booking process, if you request a day that you can see is available.

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    Problems Booking Online?

    Booking with a Groupon

    We upload Groupons to our system manually AFTER you buy them. So, if you purchased it recently, it may not be in our system yet. Please complete a Booking Request Form.

    Please visit one of the pages below:

    Availability for all experiences:

    Availability for 1 Hour Owl / Falconry Experiences only:

    1) Choose the experience you are interested in booking

    2) Select the number of participants you want to book for to be shown sessions with enough spaces for your group (it will be one participant unless you toggle the button to add additional participants)

    3) Add any spectators or extras

    4) Click ‘Continue’ to view the online calendar


    If you have an Into the Blue or Buy a Gift Voucher you will not be able to book online. Please either phone or complete a booking request form.

    If you are having problems with booking a one hour experience using a Wowcher / Groupon, this handy guide may help.

    Groupon / Wowcher Booking Guide

    Having checked availability, select the day and time from the online calendar and click Continue

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