Falconry Experience Gift Voucher

We have a range of falconry experience gift vouchers. You can choose either an e-format or a physical gift voucher.

The e-voucher is fully customisable. You choose the value and the picture and add your own text. You even get to choose of the day its delivered. If you want to gift a particular experience then go to the Falconry Experience page and click on the “gift this product” phrase.

The physical falconry experience gift voucher is presented in a box with the voucher and a small booklet. Making it the perfect gift.

Which ever you choose you can be sure the recipient will have a great experience wheather its for a special event or just to say thankyou.

Duchess (Dooku)

Duchess (White-backed Vulture)

Some of you may remember Duchess, actually you would have known of her as a he called Dooku. Turns out its difficult to tell until you do a DNA test. Anyway she is an African White Backed Vulture and in the wild in Africa they are now endangered. In Africa they are trying to do something about it, read more here https://vulpro.com/ , but there are some breeding programs outside of Africa that are trying to keep up the gene pool and Duchess is currently on loan at a breeding programme. We hope she is successful and we get to see her offspring soon.