A school visit from our birds of prey can help you bring the curriculum to life. Our informative and lively presentations engage the audience, encouraging participation and hands-on learning opportunities.

Our bird of prey presentations can bring an insight into the wonderful world of falconry. This includes an introduction to birds of prey, the history and language of falconry, falconry in art and literature and modern falconry. This presentation, using live birds of prey, seeks to both educate and inspire others with our passion for birds of prey and falconry.

Alternatively, our educational presentations can be tailored to your specific requirements and can include curriculum links to biology, history, art, literature, conservation, evolution and the natural world.

Raptor Awards

Our accredited Raptor Awards training programs provide courses for all who wish to keep or work with birds of prey or practice falconry.

Other Educational Activities

Our bird of prey and falconry themed quizes, craft activities and educational games are perfect for any educational event. A perfect addition to wildlife open days, educational groups and club events. We will also bring along a couple of our birds of prey.