Our ‘Gauntlet’ falconry experiences are two to two and a half hours and are our most popular range. The word ‘Gauntlet’, of course, referring to the gloves that falconers wear to handle the birds when they land on their hand. But did you know there are usually different lengths for different birds? A falcon glove tends to cover the hand and the wrist, whilst hawking gloves are usually longer. And whilst it is obviously there to protect you from those beaks and claws, it also serves as a perch.

Handle and fly a selection of birds of prey* and learn about them and their natural behaviours and habitats under the direction of our experienced falconers.

Choose from a Bird of Prey Experience, an Owl Experience, or the Original Walk on the Wild Side. They are perfect for all bird of prey or owl lovers.

Spectators must be pre-booked and are £10pp (£20pp for the Original Walk on the Wild Side) and you can bring up to two per booking.

* for the Original Walk on the Wild Side, we generally use one species of hawk.